Hamed Fooladvand
​MSc in NanoElectronic Engineering
​PhD Applicant
Brief about me

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Design and Simulation of a Logic Multiplexer based on SWCNT-FET with PT Logic
CMOS-based carbon nanotube pass-transistor logic integrated circuits
Carbon Nanotube in Solar Cells Applications
Transparent, flexible super-capacitors from Nano-engineered carbon films
Organic Field Effect Transistor
NANOWIREs (Methodology and Applications)
Tabriz, Iran, 29 Bahman Blvd, University of Tabriz, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, School of Engineering Emerging Technologies
Around the Nano-Scale
Phone: +989147437347
Email: h.fooladvand91@ms.tabrizu.ac.ir

NanoElectroMechanical Systems (NEMS)
Research Interests
- Qubit & Quantum computing
- Spintronics & Quantum Computing​
- ​Modeling and characterization of new semiconductors
​- Compact modeling for nanoscale CMOS and post-silicon technologies
​​- Neuromorphic engineering (Neuromorphic computing)​
- Flexible electronics
​- Transparent electronics
Scanned by AFM and Modified by Gwyddion
My name is Hamed Fooladvand. In March 31,1988, I was born in Ardabil, a beautiful city in North-West of Iran. I finished my primary and high school in my hometown. My tendency toward Physics and Mathematics inspired me to look for a career as an engineer when I was at high school. Through many discussions with elites and elders in different areas, I got that Electrical Engineering would be the best major for me. In my undergraduate studies, I was a student of electrical engineering. Meanwhile, I joined to a scientific student's committee of electrical engineering in Ardabil where I was able to attain more social skills, be more mature in group activities, and learn more about the mutual relation of university and industry, and in fact, it opened a new way in my scientific life. After My Undergraduate study I found myself in a pool of unsolved questions and new ideas about Electronics and Nano-Electronics Engineering. So, to solve my conceptual questions, I decided to continue my research and studies in Nano-Electronics engineering as a M.Sc. student at University of Tabriz. This new academic position helped me to learn more widely about the different concepts in Electronic & Nano-Electronics engineering. Now, I'm pursuing deeper researches in NanoElectronics engineering area.